First blog!

This is the post excerpt.

Well, finally! A blog is here.

I’ve been wanting to add a blog to this site since the very beginning but trying to find inspiration to write on top of trying to manage a business is pretty much impossible. As you all know. 😉

But recently, I’ve been inspired by people like Devon McFadden, who has started her own blog while working full time on top of being an awesome mom + wife (check out her blog at Devon McFadden Art). And she’s doing an excellent job of it! So with a little determination and a vote from an Instagram poll, here I am. Writing Cold Coast’s first blog!

About a year ago, I was fully in tune with my own photography/travel blog and enjoyed every minute of writing and creating. It was more of a hobby and creative outlet but it got me outside, travelling, meeting new creators, and helped me develop my love for web design. It was the perfect stepping stone into creating a full blown website + branding myself as a business. I sorted out the likes/dislikes of the platform and got familiar with the ropes. I found that blogging whatever you’re passionate about will prompt more ideas for your hobbies/business and it’ll help future clients connect to you more!

I love doing websites, but helping people come to realize their vision for a blog is even more exciting for me! There is so much creative freedom when you have the opportunity to write what’s on your mind. And that’s what this blog is all about! I will be writing about what get’s me inspired, why I am a local lover, and who I am. I’ll also be answering any questions any of you might have in regards to starting a blog or website!

Happy Monday!

– Jaydia

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