How To Start Blogging

After an incredible response from readers on our first post, we’ve seen the awesome potential of having a blog on the site. So it’s here to stay!

Many readers were curious as to how they might start blogging. It can definitely seem overwhelming and it might be hard to find a good place to start. So for those ones who have asked those questions, here is a GIFT for you!

In today’s blog we’re going to give you five pointers on how to start your own blog-site! We’ll talk about authenticity, style, and everything in-between. And if you feel inspired, then we have an extra treat for you! Sign up for our Blogging Startup Package and receive a personalized email for blogging startups, including a 50% OFF discount of your own WordPress blog! We will help you create your own beautiful platform for only $100!!

Now let’s get started! 😉

Tip #1 – 

I personally think authenticity and honesty in blogging is most important and key to having a good, responsive following. It might be terrifying to throw your own personal thoughts out there in the world but you’ll be amazed at the love you receive back! Love over fear always. So whatever you may be interested in writing about, make it your own. Put your own twist to it, and don’t be afraid to take risks! Which leads me to Tip #2..

Tip #2 – 

You might be wondering if your services or field of work is even interesting enough to blog about.. well guess what. It is! Let’s say for example you create skin care products. You might think that all people want is to buy your product and leave. Well, for most people, they want to know how the product is made, what ingredients are used, and how it’ll affect their skin. Sure, you could put a small label on the bottle and explain it briefly but if people are going to invest into anything, they want knowledge. They want the behind the scenes of everything. Once they’ve seen all the details they will be way more inclined to buy your product and recommend it to others!

Tip #3 –

So you decide to create a blog. Now where to start?? WordPress offers free plans for creative/blogging purposes, and you can easily work off of that free plan for however long you want! Within WordPress, they have various theme options that you can choose and customize. The most important part of styling your platform is making sure that it is cohesive to the rest of your brand. Colours, images, and logos are essential parts of styling the site and must match throughout the whole site.

Tip #4 –

Many people are intimidated by writing a long piece of information for potential customers to read. There is a certain amount of pressure behind that idea but your blogs don’t need to be excessively long. When I was travelling, I would often just write a two paragraph long blog about my thoughts from that day, and the response from that short blog was awesome! People don’t read long pieces anymore… (we’ve lost our attention span. ;)) Start off with an introduction of yourself and what you do, and watch the response go off the charts!

Tip #5 – 

Of course, there are logistics and behind the scenes planning when it comes to blogging. Like when to post, what to tag, and how to brand it. But that’s something you will learn along the way. In fact, we’d be happy to even show you how! The most important part is to stay passionate!! If this is something you want to pursue then do it with all your might and love every minute of it! It’s so fun, and very rewarding. 🙂

Click here if you’d like to have a Blogging Startup Package!! We want to help creators expand and grow their business. And blogging is a fun way to do so. Looking forward to working with you!

– Jaydia





One thought on “How To Start Blogging

  1. I love the first point about being honest and authentic. This is a value I try to live by anyway but so important, and can make all others fall in to place

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