Creative Living Spaces with Wolves Wool

In my recent interest of designing a creative space for me to work in, I’ve reached out to a few local businesses that specialize in home decor! The first is Wolves Wool. Based in Victoria, they design incredible macrame pieces + sell incredible vintage pieces for your home. A creative delight! Elaine answered three of my questions along with a few photos! Here it goes!

1. As a creative person, how have you created a space for you to be inspired?

Elaine: It is hard to stay inspired in a stagnant space. I am always changing and tweaking my home. Creating a space is so much more than the material things you buy, it’s about creating a mindset where you feel comfortable and productive. I like to find and make things that provide me with a sense of coziness. I love picking flowers when I am walking my dog and displaying them around the house. (They usually die in like a day, but that’s besides the point.)  Your space is an extension of you, similar to the things you wear. Make your space as unique as yourself. I’ve found a lot of inspiration from various instagrams and websites like apartment therapy, but I’ve always adapted it to show my taste.

IMG_3758 (2)

2. What is the most important thing to integrate into your home/workspace in order for you to feel motivated?

Elaine: I love to listen to music or podcasts while I am working from home. I cannot stand silence, it makes me feel secluded.  Without upbeat music I’d probably just watch Netflix all day. Also a big breakfast. That’s number 1. 

3. Do you think functionality and creativity can live in the same space? How so?

Elaine: A space needs to be functional before it can be anything else. You only need to walk into a chair so many times before you realize this. Having a creative space to me just means a space that you can be creative in. So fill it up with pieces and shapes that inspire you. I have a shelf that I continue to add treasures to (some are for sale on my Etsy shop). I also have a lot of plants that keep my space feeling fresh and help filter the air. 

Thank you so much Wolves Wool for being a part of this blog! Look below for more images. 🙂

IMG_3839_FotorIMG_4016 (2)IMG_3981 (2)IMG_3891_Fotor_Fotor

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