Creative Living Spaces with Drifter The Brand

Hello to a new week! This week we are featuring an incredible brand that features bohemian styled home accessories. They are based in Vancouver, BC and have captured my attention with their unique styling and authentic home pieces. Here is Drifter The Brand!

As a creative person, how have you created a space for you to be inspired? 

Drifter: I love mixing different styles and feel the most myself when I am surrounded by an eclectic collection. With my husband coming from a South African background and myself, Asian, culture, history, and travel has played a big part in providing inspiration for our space.


What is the most important thing to integrate into your home/workspace in order for you to feel motivated?

Drifter: Definitely authenticity. Staying true to yourself and your style I believe is the most important thing to surround yourself with in your own home for motivation. 

Do you think functionality and creativity can live in the same space? How so?

Drifter: Yes! Having a child at home has helped me see the possibility of functionality and creativity. There is a space for both to exist if you let it, whether it be as subtle as messages to your youngsters in art, or a DIY re-upholstered accent chair. 

See more images below! 🙂

drifter 3drifter2

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