What is growth?

It's a question I've been pondering a lot in the last two months. After re-evaluating what really matters to me and what my main focus in life is, I had to ask myself this over and over again in order to really understand what growth meant and how I was going to utilize it. For [...]

Ajia + Avery

Where to begin.. I've shared my whole life with this girl! And now my best friend is getting MARRIED?!? Ajia + I grew up together in the beautiful small town of Lake Cowichan. We shared so many good memories together on the lake and lots of hard ones too. But no matter what happened, we [...]

Creative Living Spaces with Drifter The Brand

Hello to a new week! This week we are featuring an incredible brand that features bohemian styled home accessories. They are based in Vancouver, BC and have captured my attention with their unique styling and authentic home pieces. Here is Drifter The Brand! As a creative person, how have you created a space for you [...]

Creative Living Spaces with Wolves Wool

In my recent interest of designing a creative space for me to work in, I've reached out to a few local businesses that specialize in home decor! The first is Wolves Wool. Based in Victoria, they design incredible macrame pieces + sell incredible vintage pieces for your home. A creative delight! Elaine answered three of [...]

How To Start Blogging

After an incredible response from readers on our first post, we've seen the awesome potential of having a blog on the site. So it's here to stay! Many readers were curious as to how they might start blogging. It can definitely seem overwhelming and it might be hard to find a good place to start. [...]